The boy who became a Chef with the childhood memories of cooking with his MaMa.

Chef Paponake MacIntosh, originally from Thailand started cooking professionally when he came to the United States. His passion for food goes back to his earliest memories of waking up in the morning and helping his mother start the charcoal fires and prepare the meals from scratch using local ingredients foraged in the fields, and streams of their home. His humble upbringing taught him to respect food, the ingredients, and what food meant for a family. Meals were not just quick, thoughtless parts of the day, they took hours to prepare and while someday's the offerings were meager, they were cherished by the entire family of 7 brothers and sisters.

Chef Paponake focuses on regional cuisines from Thailand, and enjoys cooking recipes from scratch the way he and his mother did when he was a young boy. His dishes are always authentic, prepared in traditional ways, using techniques and flavors only found in Thailand. 


Chef Alan MacIntosh has spent the past twenty years studying the cuisines of Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China. His primary focus and passion is with the cuisines of Thailand and Vietnam. The focus on food, and the fact that in these regions, food still plays a huge part in the daily life of families and individuals. The traditions and techniques are still being passed down from generation to generation and daily meals are still a focus for families. 

Chef MacIntosh believes in sourcing locally, using sustainable products, and remaining as authentic to the traditions of the region as possible. 

Chef and Restaurateur with a passion for Authentic Asian Cuisines.

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